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K nown as ‘Home Bakery Virtuoso’, Zojirushi BB-PAC20 is conceived to be convenient, durable, easy to use, efficient, and innovative, while also being able to create the perfect rectangular-shaped 2-lb. horizontal loaf. Even more, it can make any type of gluten-free bread recipe you want to try out, as well as work with any type of organic ingredients that you might want to incorporate into your creation.

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Due to its strong cooking power, 700W, as well as its dual blades, which will thoroughly mix the ingredients, it can deliver the optimal textured bread. It is extremely efficient when it comes to whole grain bread because the blades speed up the process and create an even shape at the same time. Additionally, the blades collapse, so your result won’t bear the marks of the kneading process.

The quick operation lasts less than 2 hours, but, if you prefer a more complex type of bread, there are several settings and bake modes you can choose from. Moreover, it comes with a heater placed inside the lid to ensure the baking is evenly done, while due to the large window, placed conveniently on top of the lid, you can supervise the entire backing process without losing warmth. It also integrates an adjustable ‘keep warm’ timer, so you can keep the bread soft and warm until the other dishes are ready.

In case you want to postpone the process for a more convenient time, you can do it with the 13-hour delay timer. The time can be set in 10 minutes increments, which are displayed directly on the LCD’s clock setting. Thus, you can insert the exact baking time, in minutes, without the need to convert it into hours.

Specifications Sheet

BB-PAC20 Spec Sheet
Dimensions 18” x 10.5” x 12.875”
Weight 22 pounds
Bread Size Options 1
Crust Color Options 3
Delay Timer 13-hour delay
Pre-Programmed Settings 10
Non-Stick Pan
Viewing Window
Dual Kneading Blades
Memory Settings 3
LCD Screen
Warranty 1 year
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It comes with 10 preset programs, which will allow you to easily choose your favorite bread style – white, whole grain, or gluten-free, as well as meatloaf bread. Even more, you can adjust the crust color, thanks to its low, medium, or dark settings, depending on how crispy you like it. It has an innovative custom menu, which will not only allow you to set it according to your recipe, but it will memorize them, as well, so you won’t have to input it every time you want to prepare it. It can prepare cakes, sourdough starter, or jam, in a fast, and hassle-free operation.

Moreover, it comes with a Homemade setting which allows you to set the unit to stop and let the ingredients stabilize their temperature. It will even give you the possibility to turn it off once it prepares the dough for your pastry. Even more, it lets you stop the process mid-way for some hand-shaping or to remove the paddles. It has an Auto Pause setting which will temporarily stop the kneading when the lid is open, so you can check the consistency of the dough.

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Not only does it perform excellently, but it also has what it takes to be a stylish presence in your kitchen. It comes with a stainless steel exterior which, combined with a matte black lid and a large window, will surely fit any kitchen décor and style. It is very compact, and it measures 18 inches in width, 10 1⁄2 inches in depth, and 12 7/8 inches in height. It makes a full-sized 2-lb. loaf with ease. Although it doesn’t change the taste of the bread, the shape is important, as you can cut the slices easier.

It comes with easy, readable controls, which will tell you exactly what to do, and its LCD screen will show you each step of the process. It includes a spoon and a beaker, so you will know exactly the amount of ingredients to use, and, unlike other models with handles, it comes with 2 instead of only 1. Thus, it is easier to maneuver and increases your safety as you use it.

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Warranty and support

Durable, efficient, and easy to use, it won’t cause you any troubles, but if it does get damaged, it comes with a limited 1-year warranty, which covers the repairs and its replacement if there’s the need for that. The instruction manual has clear details regarding every step you have to make, and it offers solutions to the most common troubles you could experience.