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WaterChef U9000 Premium

F or purifying the water that a sole tap outputs, you need an under sink water filter as it tends to this specific task, tackling the contaminants so that you won’t end up drinking water that might present a threat to your health. However, not all systems are equal in their performance in regards to water purification, some serving your needs better than others.

Here we will review the WaterChef U9000 Premium, a product that we appreciate and are sure you will as well. The asking price is decent, it’s neither amongst the cheapest nor the most expensive entries in its niche, but it’s worth every cent considering the quality filtration it puts at your disposal. Manufactured by a respected brand, it uses innovative filtration technologies to ensure superior contaminants reduction is enjoyed.

Check out the WaterChef C7000 here to see what other products the company has to offer if you want to compare choices.

U9000 Spec Sheet

U9000 Picture Performance Data
Rated Capacity Rated Service Flow Housing Assembly Dimensions Working Pressure Range Working Temperature Range
1000 gallons 0.75 gal/min @ 60 PSI 9.25″ H x 6″ W x 8″ D 30 – 125 PSI 34 – 100ºF
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The stainless steel housing it features serves two purposes, an aesthetic purpose in the sense that it boosts the image of the system, an aspect that might matter to some customers even though it is an under-sink system that doesn’t stick out in the kitchen or room where it is installed, and a durability purpose as it adds to the longevity of the system as a whole, ensuring exposure to impact won’t result in immediate damage.

As you can see in the spec sheet above, the housing assembly dimensions are 9.25 inches in height by 6 inches in width by 8 inches in depth, which means that it won’t take up a lot of space under the sink, so you needn’t worry if that particular space is crowded as installing it won’t present an issue. It even comes with a faucet that measures 11.25 inches in height by 2.75 inches in width by 6.25 inches in depth and which is available in multiple color options to suit the décor of your kitchen.

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Performance & Features

The superior performance it provides is sure to change the taste, as well as the smell of the water you consume as soon as you install it. What makes it so optimal is the Big Block filtration technology that employs a solid carbon block cartridge to effectively remove more than 50 common contaminants it encounters in your tap water. This single-filter design makes routine maintenance work less hassle, and it reduces upkeep costs as you won’t have to replace a large number of filter cartridges periodically.

It features the Intelligent Monitor that serves the purpose of eliminating guesswork in regards to cartridge replacement as it announces you exactly when the task is required of you. This way, you won’t witness performance drops caused by a delayed replacement and you won’t risk ingesting impure, health-threatening water by accident.

You can separately acquire the refrigerator kit to enjoy filtered water from the faucet, as well as the refrigerator. This way, you won’t need separate water purification systems to benefit from clean water coming from two different sources.

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As aforementioned, it uses a solid carbon block cartridge for the filtration process. This means that you must tend to replace a single cartridge, which implies fewer maintenance costs and less hassle with the system as a whole. As it has the capacity of filtering up to 1000 gallons of water before replacement is required, you will have to go through this procedure only once every 12 months or so.

As it can remove over 50 common contaminants that lurk in the water, a difference in the taste, clarity, and smell of the hydrating liquid is bound to occur as soon as you install it. Among the health-threatening contaminants that it tends to remove are included chlorine, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, lead, volatile organic compounds, and more.

However, while it might be able to handle removing a wide range of contaminants, there are exceptions. If you have problems related to bacteria, mercury, or asbestos contamination, we recommend you look into a different option like the CuZn RO-100-50GPD as it features the appropriate filtration media for removing these impurities.

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Warranty & Support

We must end on a high note, and the backing provides just that as there is a lifetime warranty backing the system. It is a product built to last indeed, and the manufacturer is well aware of this durable design, agreeing to service it free of charge for as long as you want to use it if you don’t void the terms of the warranty agreement through improper use or installation.

There’s even a 60-day money-back guarantee provided with it, which implies that you can use the system for the aforementioned period and return it if you are displeased with its performance for any reason, moment when you will receive a full refund for your purchase if you haven’t damaged it.

When it comes to customer support, you can confidently rely on the WaterChef team to help you when you are in need as this is a serious company that is renowned for responding quite quickly to customer demands and questions. On their official website, you can find the contact info you need to get in touch with the manufacturer if you are ever in need, providing you with the option to either call the phone numbers put at your disposal or leave a message to which you will receive a response as soon as possible.


Among the highlights worth reminding you of before we reach the end of the article, we must highlight once more the fact that the WaterChef Premium features smart monitoring so that it lets you know exactly when cartridge replacement is due, it uses carbon block filtration to remove upward to 50 impurities commonly lurking in tap water and is backed for a lifetime by the manufacturer. Needless to say, this is among the top options of health-conscious people who seek clean drinking water and are looking for a cost-efficient and reliable filter system for the task.