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W ith an old-fashion design and upholding the merits of the original models, cast iron kettles are still highly popular among tea consumers due to their ability to conserve the water warm for a long period and create the optimal conditions for tea brewing.

In our mission to find today’s best cast-iron kettles, we’ve selected beautiful models that offer excellent performance and can be easily maintained like new, so stay with us as we discuss their characteristics and specifications.

Want to explore more and compare options before you reach a conclusion to make sure what you get is what you need? Then don’t check out without going over the best ceramic tea kettles as well.

Top 10 Cast Iron Tea Kettles Comparison

Photo Product Name Capacity Stove Type Handle Material Other Sizes Available Warranty Price
 Old Dutch 1026MB Image
Best Overall
1. Old Dutch 1026MB 3 liters/ 101oz. Wood, electric Cast iron 11oz., 20oz., 50oz. 1 year Check Price
Camp Chef CITP Image
Best for Camping
2. Camp Chef CITP 1.89 liters/ 64 oz. Wood, gas, campfire Cast iron 30 days Check Price
Old Dutch International 1062SB Image
Best for Wood Stove
3. Old Dutch International 1062SB 1.3 liters/44 oz. Gas, wood, electric Cast iron N/A Check Price
 Sotya Tetsubin 109165 Image
Editor’s Choice
4. Sotya Tetsubin 109165 1200ml/ 40oz. Gas, charcoal, electric, ceramic electric Cast iron and rope 300ml, 700ml, 900ml, 1300ml 100% risk-free satisfaction Check Price
Toptier 8541935894 Image 5. Toptier 8541935894 950 ml/ 32 oz. Ceramic, electric, induction, gas Cast iron 22oz /650ml, 30 oz /900ml, and 40 oz /1200ml 30 days Check Price
TOWA 900ml Image
Best for the Gas Stove
6. TOWA 900ml 900 ml/ 30 oz Gas, induction, electric, and glass Cast iron and rope 300 ml, 650ml, 1.2 liters, 1.3 liters, 1.5 liters, 1.8 liters 30 days Check Price
 TOWA PR145645 Image
Best for the Money
7. TOWA PR145645 650 ml/ 21.97oz. All types Cast iron and hand-made hemp rope 300ml/ 10.14oz, 900ml/ 30.43oz, 1200ml/ 40.57oz, 1300ml/ 43.95oz, and 1800ml/ 60.86 oz 100% satisfaction guarantee Check Price
 Primula PCI-4340 Image 8. Primula PCI-4340 34 oz. Not compatible with a heat source – it only keeps the water warm Cast iron N/A Check Price
 JUEQI 06033 Image 9. JUEQI 06033 800ml/ 27oz. Not compatible with a heat source – it only keeps the water warm Cast iron N/A Check Price
 Primula PCI-5228 Image 10. Primula PCI-5228 26 oz Not compatible with a heat source – it only keeps the water warm Cast iron N/A Check Price

Uncover a more modern way of warming water and brewing tea with a glass electric kettle. Fill it with water, plug it in, and watch the progression through the transparent vessel.

1. Old Dutch 1026MB

Check Price


  • Design: Hakone
  • Color: Black
  • Mobile handle:
  • Tea infuser included:
  • Interior: Porcelain enamel
  • One-handed use:
  • Dimensions: 10.1” in height, 8.5” in diameter
  • Weight: 5 pounds

With a resilient construction and great volume, this model can function as a family kettle basically for a lifetime. It is produced by one of the most trustworthy companies in the field and has an expedient design that makes tea serving a stress-free activity. Furthermore, it comes in multiple variants and colors, all with beautiful adornments, so it can serve not only as a practical water heater but as a gorgeous kitchen decoration.

Time-Resistant Construction

The cast iron is an outstanding heat retainer, so, once the water is hot, it will stay this way for a long time, allowing the infusion to occur within the highest standards. Another great aspect of this material is that it is resistant to deterioration, and, if the finish is dependable, as is the case, it won’t acquire rust stains, no matter how often it is utilized.

Explore our assortment of stainless steel tea kettles if you are in need of a dependable means for boiling water. The units we’ve selected have large bottoms that trap and transmit the heat faster, accelerating the process.

If in the past conventional Japanese pots were made of cast iron only, which released chemical compounds and contaminated the water, this problem is solved by Old Dutch through a porcelain coating layer placed on the inside. This coating guarantees that the water remains pure and doesn’t cause any risk for the drinker.

The other elements have the same durable construction, as follows:

  • Lid – Fitted with a protrusion that makes it easy to lift, is made from identical material as the pot that makes it almost indestructible.
  • Handle – Rounded at the top, it rotates, being convenient for both right- and left-handed users.
  • Spout – It is short and large, offering excellent precision.
  • Infusing Basket – Made of stainless steel, so exceedingly resistant, it will allow you to make the infusion straight into the pot.

The unit is fairly large, having a width of 8.5” and a height of 10. It has a 3 qt. volume, being a wonderful match for big families.

Easy Maintenance

If you want to extend its life, the manufacturer recommends heating the water separately and pouring it inside the kettle afterward, otherwise the bottom may blacken over time. Cleaning it is an effortless job, as you will only need to wipe it with a damp cloth on the outside to keep dust and dirt away and rinse its interior and wipe it dry to avert marks from forming. For any manufacturing defects, you can make use of the 12-year service guarantee, but, unfortunately, you will need to pay for it separately, as it isn’t included in the price.


  • Solid walls and bottom save the water warm for a long time
  • Generous volume allows you to boil water for diverse kitchen needs
  • Enamel inner layer keeps the water pure and safe for drinking
  • It comes in different sizes and designs
  • The material evenly distributes the heat, creating the best conditions for brewing


  • The 12-year warranty isn’t included in the price
  • It is more suitable for brewing and serving tea than for boiling water


It offers everything for making yourself a cup of tea the traditional way. The walls keep the heat within allowing for the brewing to occur gradually. You can even use loose tea, which is known to uphold the savor and the plants’ properties than regular tea, as the infuser allows you to place them directly into the pot. Remember, however, that this unit isn’t really designed for boiling water, though it is compatible with this action, but more for serving.

Nothing heats faster than copper. Examine our copper tea kettle picks and start boiling sufficient water for the entire family. With their exquisite details and shiny exterior, they will surely be the stars of the kitchen.

2. Camp Chef CITP

Check Price


  • Design: Fine hammered
  • Color: Black
  • Mobile handle:
  • Tea infuser included:
  • Interior: Enamel lined
  • One-handed use:
  • Dimensions: 5” in height and 7” in diameter
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds

It measures 5” in height and 7” in diameter, thus it is compact and easy to move, but it is a bit on the heavy side, weighing 6.5 pounds when empty. It has a flat bottom, which allows you to place it on either a gas stove or an open fire, without needing to suspend it above the flame. Made from black cast iron on the outside and enamel inlaid on the inside, it is exceedingly resistant to deterioration while warranting that the water will remain clear and safe.

The handle is sturdy and folds on either side, making it easy to hold the pot along with cleaning and filling it. When heating it, it is recommended to lock the handle at a perpendicular point so it doesn’t touch the body. You can fill it with about 2 qt. of water, so it has a considerable volume that makes it proper for numerous kitchen activities that may require hot water.

How would you like for your teapot to signal when it’s time to make the infusion? A whistling kettle will make a high-pitch noise when the water begins blistering so you can return to the room and prevent it from boiling dry.

The nozzle is short and quite large, so you will transfer the water without causing any leaks. What may be a bit troubling is its weight, as the 6.5 pounds (empty) may make it problematic to maneuver. Conversely, this is a pledge that the walls and the bottom are solid and won’t lose heat with ease. When its job is done, you can clean it effortlessly, as it has a generous opening, and don’t forget to dry it with a paper towel to ensure that it doesn’t develop unaesthetic water stains.


  • Large enough to boil water for diverse household needs
  • Thick walls maintain the warmth inside
  • The handle turns for easy filling and wiping
  • Can be used on gas and fire cooktops without a problem
  • Resistant to deterioration


  • It is relatively weighty, making the pouring operation pretty difficult
  • The whole body gets hot, counting the handle


Compact, it comes with a mobile handle and a removable lid to allow you thorough cleaning and hassle-free refill. It boasts a large capacity to provide you with plenty of hot water and can be used with both gas and wood stoves as well as campfires.

3. Old Dutch International 1062SB

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  • Design: White and silver, fine hammered texture
  • Color: White and silver
  • Mobile handle:
  • Tea infuser included:
  • Interior: Porcelain enamel
  • One-handed use:
  • Dimensions: 6.5” by 5.8” by 8”
  • Weight: 3.68 pounds

This Tetsubin model is made from purified cast iron and can be used both for boiling water and brewing tea. The outer surface is unpretentious, sending to the past times when people tended to leave their kettles on a wood stove and have hot water whenever they needed it. Nonetheless, what changed since then is the interior of the vessel, which, in this case, is made from porcelain. Thus, the iron will not contaminate the water and the vessel will be simpler to clean.

It has a width of 5.75” and a height of 8”, being amid the more compact models. This design affects its volume as well, so it will hold only 44 fl. oz., which is lower compared to the other entries we’ve analyzed. Conversely, the walls are thick and the material does retain heat, so the water will stay hot for a long time

The nozzle is located upper on the pot, so you can make full use of the pot’s capacity. The package also includes a brewer made of stainless steel that will allow you to use fresh leaves inside the pot instead of regular tea and get all the benefits. It also makes the pot easy to wash, as the leaves are contained within the mesh so you will only need to rinse the pot and pat it dry.


  • Tea brewer comprised
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Sophisticated design
  • Stay-cool handle


  • Has a quite low volume
  • Some purchasers complained that the infuser’s height is too low for the tea to be brewed perfectly


Strongly-built and with a suitable design, it will help you both boil the water and brew the tea. The inner coating keeps the operation safe, ensuring that no iron particles end up in the water. It is lasting and easy to use, the only downside being that it has a rather low capacity.

4. Sotya Tetsubin 109165

Check Price


  • Design: Flowers
  • Color: Black
  • Mobile handle:
  • Tea infuser included:
  • Interior: Enamel lined
  • One-handed use:
  • Dimensions: 3.34” in diameter, 7.87” in length, 8.26” in height
  • Weight: 1 pound

This model stands out through an exquisite cherry-flower design that reminds of the old-fashioned Japanese way of serving tea. It has a volume of 1,200 mL (30 oz.), which is sufficient for preparing tea for one or two people, while the material in its composition warrants that the water remains hot for a long time. Even if it is a Tetsubin model, you can place it on the hotplate, but you will need to watch up for the flames not to be too big, lest you use a gas model, or the heat to stay within moderate limits for other stove types.

The nozzle is S-shaped and short, offering a drip-free pouring, while the holder is not only foldable, thus remaining of your way when storing the pot, but it will also remain cold-to-touch, thanks to its rope grip. The tea strainer will allow you to smoothly brew any type of tea blend. Plus, you can keep it in its original condition by only following a few steps, which imply rinsing and toweling the pot after each use. It has a 100% risk-free satisfaction warranty from the moment of your purchase.


  • Cold-to-touch handle
  • Classic design
  • Brewer included
  • Easy to clean


  • The volume is not very generous
  • The tea strainer is prone to develop rust over time but it can be easily replaced


It is a well-matched option for brewing your daybreak tea, as you can both boil the water in it and make the infusion as well. Nonetheless, what needs to be remembered is that it has a rather small capacity and it will not serve well a large family. Contrariwise, it is strongly-built and you can use it expediently due to the lightweight design.

5. Toptier 8541935894

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  • Design: Leaf model
  • Color: Light green
  • Mobile handle:
  • Tea infuser included:
  • Interior: Enamel lined
  • One-handed use:
  • Dimensions: 7.1” in height, 5.1” in diameter
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds

It has a volume of 950 ml/32oz, thus it provides you with plenty of hot water for 2 or 3 people. Furthermore, it comes with a stainless brewer, which will keep the tea leaves contained. The lid is mobile, so you’ll be able to fold it down, whenever you wish to clean the kettle or refill it with water. The spout is S-shaped and short, offering a precise pouring and ensuring there are no leaks.

It has a cast-iron external surface and enamel lining. It comes with a lovely leaf-design, while its light green color offers it an old-fashioned look. It is available in 9 different colors, thus you’ll be able to pick the one that fits your kitchen décor best.

Furthermore, it has other sizes available, in case you need larger or smaller versions – 22oz /650ml, 30 oz /900ml, and 40 oz /1200ml. It only needs between 5 to 10 minutes to get the water to a boiling point, so the waiting time is minimal.


  • Several color choices
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Stainless brewer included
  • Makes for a pretty gift
  • Can be used to heat the water


  • Low capacity
  • As the mesh infuser is rather short, you will need to fill the vessel to get the leaves to infuse the water


Coming in several color schemes and plenty of sizes to choose from, this model is both functional and versatile. It will uphold the water hot for a prolonged time, thus promising you can opt for a refill anytime you want. Although it has a relatively low volume, allowing you to prepare tea only for 2 to 3 people, it comes with a stainless brewer that will make this action more practical.

6. TOWA 900ml

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  • Design: Horizontal stripes
  • Color: Black
  • Mobile handle:
  • Tea infuser included:
  • Interior: Enamel lined
  • One-handed use:
  • Dimensions: 4.33” in diameter, 7.20” in height, and 6.29” in length
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds

With a large bottom and a heat-compatible structure, this model can be put on the range, with the proviso that the heat is maintained at a lower to medium intensity. The water will boil swiftly and won’t get any iron contamination as the interior is lined up with an enamel layer. Once the water is hot enough for tea, you can place the leaves within the included stainless infuser and let them sit until it is ready. The pot will maintain the inner temperature, creating the perfect conditions.

The lid presents a protrusion that allows you to open it with ease, although you shouldn’t jump to this action if the pot was just taken away from the cooktop. The handle, conversely, presents a hands-on design, with a rope wrapped around it that will stay cool and allow you to lift the pot safely.

It can hold up to 30 oz. of hot water, but you shouldn’t overcome the 25-oz. limit to avoid overflowing. The volume is rather low, so you will not be able to serve more than 2-3 people at the time. But if this is what you are looking for, you will surely enjoy its compactness and low weight.


  • Hardwearing design
  • Safe inner enamel sheet
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel brewer included


  • Low volume
  • The rope on the handle will degrade in time but can be replaced


Aesthetically pleasing, it can be used on numerous types of stoves, offering versatility. Even more, it comes with a generous capacity, while its cool-to-touch holder will allow you to have a tight grip on it as well as move it anytime you wish without hurting your hands. It also includes a stainless brewer, to allow you to infuse your tea with ease.

7. TOWA PR145645

Check Price


  • Design: Traditional tetsubin
  • Color: Black
  • Mobile handle:
  • Tea infuser included:
  • Interior: Enamel lined
  • One-handed use:
  • Dimensions: 6.7” in width, 6.3” in height, 5.1” in diameter
  • Weight: 2.55 pounds

With a volume of 650 mL or 21.97 oz., this small teapot is fit to serve one person or maybe two. It is tightly built from superior-quality cast iron, which guarantees it won’t get easily damaged with time. The inner enamel layer makes it practical and safe, as it prevents cast residues from ending up in the water and also makes cleaning a simpler job, aiding you to avert the emergence of rust spots.

The lid fits snuggly, so the water doesn’t splatter around when it starts to boil. It presents a protuberance, so you can pick it with ease and fill the pot. The cavity is large, so you won’t have to strain at all. Plus, this also makes washing more effortless. The handle isn’t fixed, so you can lower it down to get better access or lock it in a vertical pose to stop it from touching the body and turning hot.

You can boil the water inside, on the condition that you place it above medium heat, and you can make the tea inside as well, as this model comes with its own infuser. This allows you to use fresh leaves and give your tea a more intense aroma. Furthermore, when it’s time to serve, you will learn that filling the cups can be a precise operation, without any spills, due to the large and short spout.


  • The package comprises a stainless steel brewer
  • Sturdy construction
  • Several sizes to choose from
  • Can be used with all types of stoves
  • Enamel lining prolongs its life


  • The volume isn’t too generous, but you can always go for a larger model
  • The handle tends to get hot


Beautifully crafted and able to hold sufficient water to make two cups of tea, this pot will make your mornings (or afternoons) more enjoyable. The cast-iron structure makes it strong over time, while the enamel inner layer ensures the water always remains pure. With the brewer already comprised, you can just put the leaves in and fix yourself a wonderful cup of tea on the spot.

8. Primula PCI-4340

Check Price


  • Design: Cherry blossom flowers
  • Color: Purple-blue
  • Mobile handle:
  • Tea infuser included:
  • Interior: Enamel lined
  • One-handed use:
  • Dimensions: 4.5” in height, 6.9” in width
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds

With a lovely floral design in a deep purple-blue color, this entry will turn every day’s tea into a wonderful experience. It has a 1-quart volume and can keep the water hot for a while, so you don’t have to rush your routine but pour yourself a fresh cup of tea if you feel you want one more.

The spout is S-shaped and relatively straight, providing you not only with a drip-free pouring but with an even water flow as well. The enamel-lined interior provides better heat retention, as well as hassle-free cleaning, as it won’t rust in time. Moreover, it ensures that the iron doesn’t contaminate the water, so you will benefit from the properties of the infusion without ingesting any potentially risky compounds.

Expediency is at its peak with this model, as a stainless brewer is contained within the package, so you will be able to put the tea leaves directly into the pot and let the brewing happen within optimal conditions. When the time has passed, you can just pour the tea without using a strainer, as the leaves will be contained within the mesh of the infuser.


  • Gorgeous design makes it a nice functional décor piece
  • Easy to handle as it is more lightweight than other models
  • Enamel inner coating keeps the water chemical-free
  • Contains a stainless brewer for easy full-leaf tea steeping
  • Large spout offers excellent precision when transferring the water


  • Shouldn’t be exposed directly to heat
  • It has a rather low volume


It has a lovely classic-like design, with cherry blossom flowers on it that can turn it into the central piece of any tea set. The stainless brewer will help you prepare your tea without going through a lot of trouble. Besides, as it displays a hefty spout, you will be able to serve it with great precision.

9. JUEQI 06033

Check Price


  • Design: Gold fish
  • Color: Grey, black, silver
  • Mobile handle:
  • Tea infuser included:
  • Interior: Enamel lined
  • One-handed use:
  • Dimensions: 7” in height, 7” in width
  • Weight: 3.15 pounds

With gorgeous fish engravings in a time-resistant cast-iron structure, this petit teapot is ready to serve up to 27 oz. (800 mL) of tea and even keep it warm for a refill. It is pretty heavy for its size, weighing 3.15 pounds, so the bottom and the walls are thick, and this is an additional guarantee of its longevity. The lid is made from the same material and displays a protrusion that makes it easy to lift, although you should pay a bit of care as it tends to get really hot.

To move it with ease, the handle has a rope around it that doesn’t get hot, so there won’t be the need to grab a pad while serving the tea. The spout is also precise, having an S shape and being fairly short to allow easy pouring. Furthermore, a stainless mesh brewer is included so the tea steeping can happen straight inside the pot, without the need to strain the tea before serving it.

It has a grey/black color scheme, with silver details, featuring two gold-fish swimming around. It does come with other designs as well – scale-like, diamond-cuts, etched lines, floral, and peony – allowing you to pick the one you like best. It is advised to be washed only by hand, as it’s not compatible with dishwashers. It is also backed by a super generous Lifetime service guarantee.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Even heat distribution
  • Rope on the handle doesn’t get hot


  • If used on stoves, only low heat is recommended
  • Low capacity


Aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its gold-fish design, it can support up to 800ml/ 27 oz., being ideal for 1-person households. It is sturdy and won’t rust or corrode. However, it should be washed only by hand, and it is not advised to use it with high heat, as its outer design might get damaged.

10. Primula PCI-5228

Check Price


  • Design: Dragonfly
  • Color: Green
  • Mobile handle:
  • Tea infuser included:
  • Interior: Enamel lined
  • One-handed use:
  • Dimensions: 7” in height, 7.8” in width
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Measuring 7” in height and 7.8” in width, it has a unique flattened shape, guaranteeing that you’ll have no problem storing it. Adorned with the symbol of new beginnings and good fortune – the dragonfly, it has a green color that will brighten your day. Sturdy, thanks to its iron cast construction, it is a bit on the heavy side as it weighs 4 pounds. Its inside is enamel lined, so you won’t have to be concerned about rust or corrosion anytime soon, providing you with a hassle-free cleaning as well.

Its spout is short and relatively straight, offering a drop-free pour. Even more, it comes with a top-grade stainless steel mesh brewer, which will keep sediments away from your tea. It allows you to prepare any type of tea you like right from the start. It can support up to 26 oz., while the tea should need only 3-5 minutes to be ready, thus, ensuring you won’t have to wait too long to savor it.


  • Easy to store
  • Mood-lifting color
  • Tea infuser included
  • Simple to clean


  • Can’t be used directly on a flame
  • A bit weighty


It has a bright green color, with a dragonfly design on its sides, while its short, relatively-straight spout will ensure drip-free pouring. The enamel coating keeps the tea clean preventing any iron contamination and keeping rust away. Though, it is advised not to use it straight on the flames.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a cast iron tea kettle on the stove?
While these kettle types are designed mostly for preparing the tea and keeping it warm, some models can be used on a stove. Nonetheless, make sure to check if they have this option and keep the flames at a low level, so they don’t ruin the exterior of the pot.

Are they dishwasher safe?
Most of them require manual cleaning by using only clear water and no soap, so it is not indicated to place them in the dishwashing machine.

What is a Tetsubin teapot?
These models are built from cast iron, but, in contrast with regular models, they have lovely adornments and are used to infuse and serve tea. They have an inner enamel layer that precludes the water from getting contaminated with iron particles.

How long do cast iron teapots keep the tea warm?
In general, they can keep the liquid inside them warm for about half an hour. This offers sufficient time for preparing the tea and serving it.

Are cast iron tea kettles safe?
The enamel layer that is used inside the pot precludes it from rusting over time, thus averting possible water contamination. Nonetheless, you will need to care for your kettle by cleaning and wiping it dry to prolong its life and avoid corrosion problems.

Does vinegar remove rust from cast iron?
If your pot doesn’t come with a lining or rust developed around the opening where the lining isn’t provided, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to eliminate the rust. Mix equal parts of the ingredients and either fill the pot with it or soak it in this solution if the rust is present on the exterior. Let the solution do its magic for about 6 to 8 hours, then gently scrub the rust away. Note that this procedure may not be fit for kettles with adornments or which have been painted as it may ruin their aspect.

How do you season a cast-iron kettle?

Modes that have an enamel covering don’t need to be exposed to this procedure. However, if you have acquired a raw model, you will need to season it periodically to avoid rust spots forming on the interior.
Here are the steps:

  1. Wash the kettle with care, using hot soapy water, and then rinse it thoroughly to remove any residue.
  2. Wait for it to dry. Meanwhile, heat your oven at 350F.
  3. Use a paper towel to apply a thin coating of vegetable oil, covering the pot inside and out.
  4. Place it in the oven and let it bake for about one hour.
  5. Tip: Place baking paper underneath it to stop the oil from dripping inside the oven and make a mess.

  6. Let it cool, then put it to good work.

How do you make tea in a cast-iron kettle?
To make the optimal infusion, you will need to follow a few steps:

  1. Transfer hot water inside the pot and rinse it. This will help it warm up and eliminate any possible residues.
  2. Put the leaves in the mesh brewer. Make sure not to crowd them or the brewing will not take place properly.
  3. Pour hot water inside and cover the pot. If your model is well-matched with a stove, you can boil the water inside it.

How long should I steep the tea?

Tea Type
Brew Time
Black Tea 3 – 5 minutes
Green/ White Tea 2 – 3 minutes
Oolong Tea 3 – 5 minutes
Herbal Tea 4 – 6 minutes


The models we’ve selected s are lasting and beautiful, so you have two strong reasons to acquire one for your kitchen. They are among the safest on the market, all of them having enamel layers to avert water contamination. Furthermore, they came with striking designs and are made only of the finest cast iron, so it is impossible to go wrong with any of them. The only aspects you need to mind, though, are their volume and stove compatibility, so we recommend taking a second look at some of our finest selections to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Best Overall: Old Dutch 1026MB

It has a substantial volume so it is up for preparing and keeping the infusion warm for the entire family. The strong construction guarantees that only a small amount of heat is being lost, so the tea can stay hot for about half an hour. When pouring, you will observe that the stream is continuous and precise due to the short spout and the snuggly fit lid that remains locked in place. Plus, the tea will be clean and delicious, as the enamel layer precludes contamination, and the comprised mesh brewer keeps the tea leaves contained.

Editor’s Choice: Sotya Tetsubin 109165

With a gorgeous cherry-blossom design and plenty of nuances to choose from, this entry will surely brighten your mornings for a long time. It has a medium volume, so it will deliver a few cups of tea, serving 4 to 5 persons. Moreover, as long as you keep the heat at a low level, you can even place it on the cooktop and boil the water right in it. In the end, add the leaves to the mesh brewer and wait a few minutes until pouring yourself a nice cup of tea.

Best Cast Iron Tea Kettle for the Money: TOWA PR145645

Discover a model that won’t let you down in time. Although it is designed for a single person, it has a truly durable structure, being built from superior-quality cast iron. Just like all modern models, it includes an enamel covering and comes with a stainless mesh brewer that allows serving only clear and properly-prepared tea. Furthermore, besides the great price, this model also comes with a Lifetime assurance that will keep you covered in case a construction defect stops it from functioning properly.

Best Cast Iron Tea Kettle for Camping: Camp Chef CITP

Built like the old-style cast iron kettles our grandparents used, this model is more practical than fancy. You can place it on a wood stove without a problem and heat a fairly large amount of water. The tough construction makes it apposite for camping, where it will supply hot water for tea, coffee, and cooking. The short spout will ensure easy water transfer despite its pretty heavy design.

Best Cast Iron Tea Kettle for Wood Stove: Old Dutch International 1062SB

Another practical entry that can be used without a problem on almost any type of stove, counting wood stoves, it stands out through the thick wall and base construction that allows it to uphold the water warm for a long time. It comes with a stainless brewer to help you fix the tea without making a mess and will pour with outstanding precision due to the large spout.

Best Cast Iron Tea Kettle for Gas Stove: TOWA 900ml

If you are in pursuit of a product that will both heat the water and help you prepare the tea, this entry is a great pick. It will work fine on any gas stove and other heat cooktops, as long as you maintain heat at a moderate level. To infuse the tea, you just need to add the leaves inside the mesh brewer and wait a few minutes. The teapot will also keep it warm for a fairly long amount of time.