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Aquasana Whole House Water Filter

P ositive reviews from customers, attention to the smallest details during the manufacturing process, the efficiency of their system, and the overall durability boasted by these products is what put Aquasana among the leading brands for whole house filtration systems. Considering that the latest technologies are used in the development of their systems and that contamination removal is granted alongside their installation, it is a brand you are sure to be happy you bought from.

All Aquasana water filters have an equally impressive performance when it comes to contaminant reduction, their ability to remove over 77 common tap water toxins and contaminants ensuring clean water to use and drink. Moreover, all of the manufacturer’s systems exceed 96% in chlorine reduction efficiency, which leads to an inevitable improvement of the water’s taste and smell.

If you seek a qualitative whole-house system, we recommend that you give this brand a try as satisfaction is guaranteed regardless of the water purity issues you are dealing with. In the following, we will revise their best models to date in this category, more precisely the EQ-600, the EQ-1000, and the 500,000-gallon Rhino, so stick with us to learn more about what these systems offer to figure out which one caters to your needs and expectations.

See here the best whole house water filters for well if you want to compare the top-tier Aquasana systems presented in this review with what other products the market has to offer before you make up your mind.


General presentation

Picture Performance Data
Capacity Flow Rate Maximum Operating Pressure Operating Temperature Range
600,000 gallons or 6 years 7.0 GPM 100 PSI 40°F – 90°F
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Other notable general and performance-related information:

  • Chlorine removal: Municipality treated water contains quite a generous amount of chlorine fully on purpose as the chemical has the property to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms lurking in the water, making it healthy for consumption. It does, however, leave an unpleasant smell and taste behind that makes it discouraging to continue hydrating with the water. With an efficiency rate of 97% when it comes to the reduction of chlorine content, the system ensures the water will taste and smell fine, and that you won’t inhale chlorine vapors when you bathe anymore either.
  • Other water contamination issues it solves: The list is absurdly long when it comes to potential toxins and impurities lurking in the water, so we will only highlight the ones that stand out the most and are generally present in tap water, more precisely VOCs, organic chemicals, and heavy metals. This is just to name a few, so keep this aspect in mind as it makes a difference toward the desirability of the system.
  • Up-flow design: The dual tank feature grants it with this design perk, and what it implies is that the water enters into contact with the pollutant grabbing media for a longer amount of time to enhance the process efficiency.
  • Warranty: As it is estimated for the system to provide water purification for approximately 6 years, Aquasana backs it with a 6-year warranty which covers defects in materials and workmanship. Beware that damage that comes from clogging which results from the user not tending to regular maintenance, damage caused by fires or floods, damage caused by non-potable water supplies, and direct damage inflicted by the user cause the warranty to be voided, so you won’t benefit from free repairs or replacements in these situations.

Filter media

  • Sediment pre-filter: Its purpose is to catch the smaller pollutants so that it facilitates the work of the accompanying filtration stages. These polluting particles include the likes of sediment, rust, and silt.
  • Activated carbon filter: Carbon is utilized in various systems, including air purifiers, as it has powerful decontamination capacities. In water filters, it is used to eliminate and decrease pollutants like pesticides, herbicides, and a wide range of chemical compounds.
  • Copper-zinc and mineral stone filter: The dual tank also comes with this filter that tends to remove chlorine, which is the main culprit of water contamination. Other pollutants and compounds it eliminates include heavy metals and scale, and it represses the growth of algae and bacteria as well.


General presentation

Picture Performance Data
Capacity Flow Rate Maximum Operating Pressure Operating Temperature Range
1,000,000 gallons or 10 years 7.0 GPM 100 PSI 40°F – 90°F
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Other notable general and performance-related information:

  • Chlorine removal: It maintains the same high 97% efficiency in the reduction of chlorine content. This leads to improvement in water taste and odor while protecting the health of your lungs as you won’t have to inhale chlorine vapors when you wash anymore.
  • Other water contamination issues it solves: Proficiency in this department is identical to that of the EQ-600.
  • Up-flow design: It is designed in the same manner as the previous system, the up-flow dual tank design being a common feature.
  • Warranty: The superior 1,000,000-gallon capacity guarantees that you can rely on its operation for an estimated 10 years as of installing it, regardless of how large the household is. The accompanying warranty is longer due to this reason as well, the company backing it for 10 years as of acquiring it.

Filter media

  • Sediment pre-filter: This is where the EQ-1000 differs from the EQ-600, its sediment pre-filter boasting a larger size so that it may capture a larger amount of small-sized particles at the beginning of the purification process.
  • Activated carbon filter: It removes chemical compounds present in tap water.
  • Copper-zinc and mineral stone filter: It impedes the development of algae and bacteria, reduces scale to keep your fixtures and appliances safe, decreases chlorine content, and removes soluble heavy metals.

500,000 Gallon Well Water Rhino

General presentation

Picture Performance Data
Capacity Flow Rate Maximum Operating Pressure Operating Temperature Range
500,000 gallons or 5 years 7.0 GPM 7.5 PSI 40°F – 90°F
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Other notable general and performance-related information:

  • Removed pollutants: The impurities this specific system can remove include chlorine content, rust, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, sediment, silt, industrial solvents, lead, and more.
  • UV sterilization: A common issue with water sourced from the well is the presence of bacteria and viruses. For this reason, UV sterilization is widely regarded as mandatory in these systems. The UV technology used by this unit makes it proficient in ridding the water of 99.99% of microorganisms, including cryptosporidium, giardia, and E. coli.
  • Dual tank design: The dual tank design is common in Aquasana whole-house systems of all types as it indeed provides a great boost in purification efficiency by prolonging the contact between the contaminated water and the filtration media.
  • Warranty: The company backs it against defects within the first 5 years of acquiring the system. While the assurance agreement is active, you enjoy free repairs or full replacement of the unit as long as the damage is associated with manufacturing issues and not a result of improper utilization or installation.

Filter media

  • Sediment pre-filter: Large-sized so that it may capture as many impurities as possible, it tends to remove small-sized contaminants to make the work of the following filters considerably easier. The impurities that it handles include rust and sediment, among others.
  • 2-stage filter: It includes an activated carbon filter and a copper-zinc and mineral stone filter. The activated carbon media removes chemical compounds, while the copper-zinc filter inhibits bacteria and algae growth, among other water purification actions.
  • Sub-micron post-filter: Its role is to reduce all sediment and organic particles remaining down to 0.35 micrometers so that a more thorough purification is provided for this more pretentious water source.
  • UV filter: As aforementioned, this is a rather mandatory media when it comes to well water cleansing as it tackles microbes that would otherwise pose a threat to your health if ingested.

SimplySoft Salt-Free Softener

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  • Maintenance: The fact that it is salt-free ensures that upkeep is not much of a hassle considering that you do not need to replace salt or do similar activities. With this model, maintenance is only required every 6 years when the main media requires replacement. Other than that, you won’t have to go through any other procedure.
  • Technology: As it does not utilize salt in its operating process, it softens hard water naturally and safely, not affecting its chemistry or taste. As for softening it, you can rest assured knowing that scale build-up won’t form anymore so that plumbing and appliances are protected.
  • Generalities: You can rely on it for up to 6 years as of acquiring it due to its large capacity. The 7 GPM flow rate guarantees that you won’t perceive any drops in the force with which the water comes out of any tap or outlet, even if you have a large residence with multiple inhabitants.
  • Warranty: The system is backed for 6 years against defects in workmanship and materials. Make sure to install and use it as instructed to not void the warranty agreement. If you feel like the setup procedure is too complicated, call in a professional for the task. With the purchase, you also receive a 90-day reimbursement assurance so that you can return it without any financial repercussion if the system does not rise to your expectations.

Optional System Upgrades

Even if the system you select is as standard as they get, you do have the option to add a few extra options to expand its usability. Maybe you tested the water and you noticed that it contains bacteria, which seems odd to you considering that you source the water from a municipality treatment plant. This does not mean that you have to acquire a well water system but rather a normal unit that is suited for city water supplies and simply opt for a UV sterilization add-on to solve the extra issue at hand. This is only one example to demonstrate how you can add to a product’s versatility in use. Next, we will revise the technologies that you can separately opt for to add to your specific selection and make it cater to your needs and expectations.


Salt-Free Softener: Scale Control Media or SCM is utilized to diminish scale that is caused by hard water through the means of softening it, the process being safe and natural as salt is not involved in it.

Sterilight UV Filter: Provides a safeguard against microorganisms so that you don’t ingest water that contains them and ultimately have your health deteriorate as a result of this action. Its efficiency rate in this department is 99.99%, so you can see why this is a rather mandatory add-on.

Pro Grade Install Kit: The kit contains upgraded components like brass fittings which are easier to install and maintain as time passes, and bend supports and shut-off valves which ensure easier filter changes.



Irrespective of the water purity and issues that afflict it, Aquasana is a company that you can depend on to offer a practical fit for your concern. The systems it produces are reasonably priced considering their pollutant removal capabilities, and they all boast long life expectancies without necessitating much in the way of upkeep or filter media replacement. Furthermore, as all Aquasana products, they are manufactured with the good of the environment in mind, being engineered to promote minimal water waste.

The Aquasana EQ-600 and the EQ-1000 are among the company’s most sought-after products as they deliver a 97% chlorine reduction proficiency, ensuring a better taste and lack of smell when it comes to the water that comes through all taps in your home. Moreover, this specific property of the systems helps enhance lung health as well, seeing how chemical-filled vapors when you bathe won’t pose an issue anymore. Their filtering means are identical, the sole difference between them standing in their capacity as the EQ-600 is a 600,000-gallon capacity product, whereas the EQ-1000 is a 1,000,000-gallon capacity model.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned models are only suited for municipal water supplies. If you are dealing with well water, however, then you require the Rhino. It employs UV sterilization to destroy all microorganisms in your drinking water, and it also emphasizes the reduction of other pollutants, including the likes of pesticides, herbicides, and VOCs.

The manufacturer even provides a solution for those confronted with hard water through the release of the highly effective Aquasana SimplySoft Salt-Free Softener. As implied by the name of the product, salt is not used in its operation, so it provides a natural manner to impede scale build-up.

As long as you test the water supply to see what are the issues afflicting it and you make sure to size the system you pick to the size of your home (you can use the number of bathrooms as guidance, most systems are rated according to this specific criteria too, so it won’t be difficult to figure out what is compatible in your situation), with an Aquasana product you are sure to enjoy a cleaner, healthier water throughout all taps and outlets.