Hello! My name is Ecaterine D. and I’m the person responsible for KettleAndBrine. I love cooking and spending time in the kitchen, and I want to share my passion with you. You might be wondering about my kitchen passion and from where it started. Well, since I was little I’ve always helped my grandmother bake different types of cookies and cakes, matching them with flavor-rich tea blends and, later, with coffee. The passion and love, with which my grandma prepared those cookies and tea, conferred them a rich aroma and a delightful taste. For me, it was like she was using a secret magic spell to make them so delicious, the magic never entirely complete without the right tea set to go along with the cookie. It was her way of spreading happiness and joy to those around her, and I’ve always enjoyed helping her do so.

There was a secret behind her success, and, with time I’ve been able to learn it. So, in turn, I want to share it with you, so you too can have those magical moments together with your loved ones. On this website, you’ll be able to discover several kitchen-related information, as well as delicious and simple recipes to try at home. But, it doesn’t end here, since I know how important the kitchen units are, and how much they can impact your overall cooking experience. So, I have thoroughly researched them and made the best selections to help you in choosing ones that will fit your cooking style. You will be able to learn how to combine kitchen appliances with delicious recipes in order to create exquisite meals. In short, I’m here to aid you with everything kitchen-related. Thanks for stopping by!

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